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Pokemon Gaia

Nice to meet you, our dudes. We are so happy here to introduce you an amazing Pokemon ROM Hack – Pokemon Gaia. This game has many good opinions from Hack Communities. Let’s find out how great it is.

Pokemon Gaia

Pokemon Gaia Box Art

Pokemon Gaia: Gaia – the mother goddess of the Earth in Greek mythology always gives us an spiration in literature – drawing – carving – music. Even now, there is a game contains the Gaia word. Maybe the author of this game is interested in this character, so he took that name for his own game. Know what that is? Well, that is Pokemon Gaia – another hack version made from FireRed. Here comes Spherical Ice – a member of PokeCommunity. This website is known as a community of hackers who create many masterpieces – the Pokemon hack versions.

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And at pokemongaia.com, all informations about Pokemon Gaia including: Download, Walkthrough, Cheats and Guides will be posted and updated frequently when there are any new releases in the future.

Pokemon Gaia Game Plot

About the story of Pokemon Gaia… Long long ago, there was a clan in Orbtus region. After living and surviving for a period of time, they created a whole civilization of their own. This civilization was so prosperous and they didn’t forget their gods and guardians, so they also created many statues with temples to worship the divine beings. Unfortunately, they were massively damaged by a chain of furious earthquakes. From that day, no one has ever seen them again except their statues and temples remaining. Back to the present, there is a professor named Redwood who want to explore and research about this lost civilization. He immediately look for two young heroes, one is an AI and the remaining is none other than you – the player! Can you revive and save the lost legend of Orbtus region?


At first, whenever a Pokemon hack version is released… people always want to know what are its new points for them to play. By knowing their requirements, Spherical Ice give us some of his own talents below. Check it out.
The gameplay is the same as its predecessors in the whole Pokemon series.

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  • The soundtracks a new! Right, one of the most interesting points of every Pokemon games is its music. When you go to a PokeCenter, when you walk on a route and suddenly catch a wild Pokemon, when you battle with many different trainers… if there is no music, how can you enjoy your experiences to the fullest? Your emotions and feelings will drastically change, for sure.
  • New moves for your Pokemon. This mean all the moves will be more exuberant. Moreover, these moves are improved about stats. The Rock Climb move now is also be used for accessing secret areas and rewards, not only climbing walls like before. Besides, there is a new change for TMs: they can be infinitively used. With this change, you can use just a TM for many different Pokemon.
  • You can have more items in your bag, make you become a millionaire of items.
  • The sprites for Pokemon and Trainers are replaced with new and more good-looking ones. No more sprites of the old Pokemon FireRed.
  • The type-chart of Pokemon is updated in Pokemon Gaia. This means there is an appearance of Fairy-type for the first time. Dark-type and Ghost-type Pokemon can no longer harm Steel-type Pokemon.
  • The graphical interface is changed in many aspects: the heads-up displays, Pokémon names, item names, ability names, etc.
  • The original FireRed doesn’t allow you to run inside many indoor places. With Pokemon Gaia, you can freely do that.
  • Another contest for you to join: the Bug-Catching. Right, this kind of contest requires you to catch as many bug-type Pokemon as possible in a limited amount of time.
  • Just like the Battle Tower in Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, the Battle Marsh will be the ultimate place for you to test how strong you are with a chain of battles.
  • Now you can use Mega Evolution for your Pokemon.
  • Some functions come from Gen IV – Gen VI: the number of Pokemon with moves – abilities – items – Repel System – capture system.


Pokemon Gaia Screenshot 01

Pokemon Gaia Title Screen

Pokemon Gaia Screenshot 02

Pokemon Gaia Screenshot 03

Pokemon Gaia Screenshot 04

Pokemon Gaia Screenshot 05

Pokemon Gaia Screenshot 07

Pokemon Gaia Screenshot 08

Pokemon Gaia Screenshot 09

Pokemon Gaia Screenshot 10

Pokemon Gaia Screenshot 11

Pokemon Gaia Screenshot 12

Pokemon Gaia Screenshot 13

Pokemon Gaia Screenshot 14

Pokemon Gaia Screenshot 15

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Pokemon Gaia

Pokemon Gaia